Educational Services

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Educational Services for Nurses

The University of Michigan Health System is among the most respected and prominent academic medical centers in the United States. Our reputation for excellence in quality patient care is due in great part to the talents, skills, dedication and passion of our exceptional nursing staff.

We recognize that in order to maintain and build upon this foundation of success, we must continually empower our nurses to gain new knowledge, acquire new skills and develop both personally and professionally.

Staffed by professionals who understand the various developmental and educational needs of nurses, the Educational Services for Nurses specialty area within UMHS greatly impacts quality patient care by ensuring our nurses have every opportunity to realize their fullest potential.

Join the talented professionals who embody The Michigan Difference, in the various areas of Educational Services for Nurses, including:

Nursing Professional Development & Education (NPDE)
A comprehensive network of resources and programs, designed to empower the professional development of nursing professionals across UMHS.
Resources and programs available to UMHS nurses through NPDE include:

  • Nursing Staff Development (ESN)this website provides all the latest updates on education for nurses in the institution
  • Nursing and MA/LPN Orientationsthis website includes schedules, online registration, and contact information for orientations for Central Nursing, Medical Assistants and LPNs, as well as Critical Care, and the Medical Surgical and Pediatric Clusters
  • UM Nursing Research Partnership – a nursing research partnership created by participants from UMHS nursing services and faculty from the U of M School of Nursing, to develop a collaborative infrastructure to generate and utilize nursing research that supports evidence-based practice
  • Nursing Clinical Placementthis website provides information to help streamline the clinical placement process for nurses progressing in their careers. (Nurse Extern Program Coordinator: Mary Anne Brancheau)
  • Nursing Grand Rounds – a forum aimed at advancing nursing practice and education through information exchange and discussion related to professional nursing. Sponsored by University of Michigan Nursing Services and the U of M School of Nursing (Community Partnerships)

Professional Development Framework
Exists to help create a nursing practice environment at UMHS with no barriers, where nurses flourish and prosper in extraordinary ways in the delivery of outstanding patient care that is innovative, grounded in science, guided by our core values and driven by compassion.  Comprehensively, Nurse Recruitment and Retention embraces the principles of abundant education and never-ending growth. The Professional Development Framework model aims to empower nurses to pursue professional development that promotes excellence through these principles.

The Professional Development Framework:

  • Values the work and contributions of nursing at all levels
  • Rewards accomplishment as it occurs
  • Promotes non-competitive teamwork with excellence as a common goal
  • Supports nurses as they develop their practice

In doing so, the Framework serves the goal of UMHS nursing – to provide world-class patient care. The Framework model encourages nurses to build their careers at UMHS. Within this framework, movement toward personalized professional aspirations occurs at a self-initiated pace.

The Professional Development Framework website was designed specifically with our UMHS nurses in mind — to inspire, inform and assist them in their professional journey in our progressive and exciting nursing community.

The Professional Development Framework structure is built upon Five Domains of Nursing Practice:

  • Clinical Skills and Knowledge
  • Therapeutic Relationships
  • Professional Relationships
  • Professional Development
  • Advancing Practice through Innovation and Research

Within each domain, clinical behaviors are further defined and articulated along a continuum of evolving expertise.