Ambulatory Care

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Ambulatory Care & Clinics

Ambulatory Care Nursing is a specialty practice characterized by rapid response to high patient volumes in a short time span.

Excellence in ambulatory care nursing is essential to the continuum of high quality, cost-effective health care. Ambulatory care nurses share responsibility with patients, families and other health care team members in all aspects of health care. These nurses advocate for patients in the health care system to best address needs and optimize outcomes.

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Nursing professionals who desire to practice within the Ambulatory Care arena should thrive in environments that support and require: autonomy, patient advocacy, skillful & rapid assessment, teaching, telephone triage, coordination and continuity of care, patient and family education, wellness & health promotion, long-term patient/family relationships, and holistic nursing care.

Patient interactions may occur in person, on the phone or another communication device.

Nursing practice settings may include inpatient units, clinics, schools, homes and other environments.