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Respiratory Care Services

The Respiratory Care Services department at the University of Michigan Health System is a world-class team of more than 200 clinical therapists, specialists, educators and supervisors, unified in a commitment to providing the highest quality patient care possible.

Within the department, our skilled professionals handle both adult and pediatric patients, providing respiratory care and cardiovascular services to an inpatient population needing life support, administration of inhaled medications, oxygen therapy and more.

Respiratory Therapists
Evaluate and treat patients with various breathing disorders; while maintaining supervision of Respiratory Therapy Technicians. More…
As a Respiratory Therapist at UMHS, the majority of responsibilities are focused on managing the critically ill patient through the application of modern ventilatory techniques, hemodynamic monitoring and medication administration. General care therapies are also integrated, which allows for therapists to function as patient educators in disease management.

Practitioner driven protocols are but one of our hallmarks as we continue to adapt new practices based on proven patient outcomes. The integration and application of technology is also abundant in this setting.