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Pathology & Lab Services

At the University of Michigan Health System, our Pathology and Lab Services are recognized as centers of diagnostic excellence. Featuring clinical lab programs that utilize the latest equipment and technology, our skilled technicians assist physicians in diagnosing a diverse patient population who present a variety of complex cases.
We consider our talented Pathology and Lab Services professionals to be diagnostic detectives, who partner with physicians to diagnose patients, and ultimately help determine appropriate courses of care that empower them to live fuller, healthier lives.

Many are renowned in their specialties and bring a level of prestige that only the finest medical institutions can enjoy. In return, we honor their abilities and contributions with a dedication to work/life balance and a unified vision of success and development that empowers every member of our team to achieve their fullest potential.
Join the more than 600 exceptional clinical employees who embody The Michigan Difference in various areas of Pathology and Lab Services, including:

Add your talents to a dynamic laboratory environment that receives over 47,000 Pap tests, 6,000 non-GYN specimens and 2,500 Fine Needle Aspirations (FNA’s) a year. At UMHS, our Cytotechnologists interact and collaborate with world renowned Pathologists. Because we are a large hospital-based Cytology Laboratory we see a wide variety of cases per year providing each Cytotechnologist with a consistently interesting and challenging case load.

History Technologists/Histotechnologists
Provide a full range of anatomic pathology tests and services, using techniques such as frozen section and fixed tissue light microscopy, immunohistochemical and immunofluorescent staining. At UMHS, our Histology Technologists and Histotechnicians have access to world-class research and laboratory resources, and work in a variety of Pathology specialty areas, including: dermatopathology, gastrointestinal, breast, head and neck, endocrine, renal, dermatopathology, neuropathology (including muscle and nerve) and ophthalmic pathology.

Clinical Laboratory Scientists/ Medical Technologists
Apply your talents to our full-spectrum of laboratory services including Blood Bank, Chemistry, Hematopathology, Histocompatibility, Microbiology/Virology, and Molecular Diagnostics with the latest equipment and diagnostic technology. At UMHS, our Clinical Scientists & Medical Technologists interact with highly respected and knowledgeable Pathologists and other medical staff, in a fast-paced environment that constantly challenges their skills with a wide variety of cases.

Our laboratories are accredited by the College of American Pathologists and CLIA and are directed by M.D. Pathologists or Ph.D. Laboratory Scientists. We take pride in continuing to employ both the best equipment and the best people for this department.

Maximize your phlebotomy experience and expertise, as you apply your skills across the extensive facilities and diverse patient population offered at UMHS. Working in a world-class academic medical center environment such as ours at the University of Michigan Health System, offers Phlebotomists unique opportunities and challenges. In addition to typical blood drawing, our staff has exposure to, and extensive training in drawing blood from in-dwelling lines and from ports. With locations throughout Southeast Michigan, our staff has a variety of choices in clinic locations, including our special Blood Drawing stations in Cancer and Cardiovascular Centers, as well as a planned station in our new Children’s Hospital.