Our Cluture

Culture / Values

The Michigan Difference is all about exceptional people leveraging inspired ideas, to make the world a better place. And when you join us at the University of Michigan Health System, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

Our vision is to be recognized by talented healthcare professionals as a great place to work. For us, this means maintaining our commitment to quality, and continuing to be a leader in patient care, education and research. At UMHS, we are dedicated to being:

  • The first place people want to come when they need health care
  • The leaders in education, and advancing medical and health science
  • The place where the best professionals prefer to work

We provide an academic environment, focused on work/life balance, and mutual respect for all employees, that empowers you to reach your fullest potential.

We value diversity, and the greater understanding and knowledge created by diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. We believe diversity strengthens our ability to successfully meet the varied and unique needs of those we serve, and we are committed to creating and sustaining a work environment that is inclusive and respectful of all.

Our Guiding Principles
At UMHS, our culture of respect, compassion, trust, integrity, efficiency and leadership are exemplified in our seven guiding principles:

Integration, Collaboration & Teamwork
All components of the Health System will act as one organization. We enhance our value through integration across our units, our missions and our entire campus. Priority is given to activities that improve overall institutional performance through collaboration and teamwork.

Innovation, Adaptation & Prioritization
We focus on innovative efforts that distinguish us clinically and scientifically from other health care providers and medical schools. Research advances and clinical trials help create a strategic advantage. All services we offer are expected to be regionally and nationally recognized for education, research, clinical care and service.

Growth & Investment
We pursue broad-based growth in research and clinical services, with larger growth in priority areas defined by strategy. Growth is facilitated by appropriate investments in human and physical resources.

Taking Care of Our Own
We will take care of our own faculty, staff, patients and families, and community. This broad concept embraces having a healthy, safe and satisfied workforce, a high-quality and cost-effective model health care system, and improved access to care for patients from our faculty, referring providers and emergency services.

Cultural Competency
We value the diversity of people and ideas as a strategy to improve health and foster innovation.

High Value and Fiscal Soundness
We deliver high value to patients, referring providers, faculty, staff, payers, students, the University and other stakeholders. Maintaining fiscal soundness provides the framework for continuous progress.

Integrity and Trust
Our faculty and staff demonstrate integrity with all stakeholders, maintaining mutual trust. Dimensions of integrity include respect for each other and for patient confidentiality, avoidance and/or disclosure of conflict of interest, and compliance with all Health System and U-M policies and procedures and with state and federal laws and regulations.

Our Organizational Values
At UMHS, our every action and interaction is guided by a set of strong, shared values.

Patients and Families First
Above all else, we respond to the needs of our patients and families in everything we do.

Accountability For Outcomes
We are accountable for results and will work collectively to meet our mission of providing the highest quality patient care, education and research.

Respect For Individuals
We recognize the value and diversity of each other and demonstrate genuine concern about the well-being, dignity and self-esteem of all our patients and colleagues in a way that develops trust.

We work willingly and productively with others toward a common objective that satisfies our customers’ needs and meets our organization’s goals.

Never-Ending Improvement
We meet or exceed our customers’ requirements for our services by employing the principals and practices of continuous quality improvement.

Our process promotes teamwork, respect, recognition, participation and responsibility. From a customer service perspective, we are committed to meeting customer requirements at all times.

Responsibility For Cost-Effectiveness
We are accountable for our actions as they relate to the care of our patients, the satisfaction of our customers and the cost of our service to ensure that our customers are getting the highest value for their health care dollar.

Service to the Community
We are responsible for providing service to our community through individual volunteerism and institutionally sponsored outreach.