Student FAQs

Students FAQs

The following questions, and their answers, are designed to provide additional information to students (typically high school or early college) who may be interested in a career in healthcare, or with UMHS.

If you are a current or prospective Nursing Student please see Nursing FAQs.

Additional specific information for Students & Parents, as well as for Graduate & Student Nurses is available on dedicated pages within other sections of this site.

How can I find out if a career in health care is right for me?

If you are interested in pursuing a healthcare career, there are several ways to begin exploring your options.

If you are a current student, you may want to have someone (or several people) visit your school or event to share their UMHS experience, and details about their specific career.

You can also find out more about the amazing possibilities in healthcare by visiting Michigan Health Council or Health Opportunities for Today and Tomorrow.

How can I learn more about a particular field, or about which colleges/universities offer the kind of education required for a particular job?

If you are ready to explore healthcare and you’re interested in looking at particular fields, it’s time to start looking for the college or university that has the courses and/or curriculum needed to reach your goals. A helpful resource while you research is the Michigan Health Council.

Does UMHS offer jobs that don’t require a college degree? Are special certifications required?

While most jobs at UMHS do require previous experience, the typical entry-level position does not require a degree. For a quick reference and more information about what jobs at UMHS might work for you, visit our Classification website.

I’m interested in volunteering. What is the time commitment, and how old do you have to be?

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities at UMHS, and even a place where you can find complete Information for Volunteers , including details and requirements.

In general, volunteers are required to be at least 16 years of age, and commit a minimum of 4 hours per week for a calendar (or school) year.

For more details, contact Volunteer Services directly at (734) 936-4327.

Can you tell me about scholarships?

The University of Michigan offers a variety of scholarship opportunities that are certainly worth looking into.

Complete details are available in the Scholarships Section of the University’s web site.

Other external references you might find helpful include:

Does UMHS offer Job Shadow experiences and/or Information on Interviewing?

Yes. Many of our Allied Health specialty areas offer a one-time shadow experience, typically scheduled for between one and four hours, with a sponsoring individual within a specifically defined unit, department or area. Scheduling is dependent on the department and sponsoring individual availability.

The requesting individual (age 17 and above) will want to have a specific goal in mind and, to make best use of their time, prepare relevant questions prior to arriving.

The requesting individual must also be compliant with HIPAA regulations and be able to provide current documentation of required immunizations.

Job shadow experiences and/or information on interviews can be coordinated by contacting the recruitment team at

Job Shadow Request Form

Does UMHS offer internships?

Typically, an internship for allied health positions would be arranged between a specific allied health department and a college or university affiliated with the University of Michigan Health System.

Does UMHS perform presentations at local schools?

Yes. We receive a variety of requests for health career presentations, as well as participation in portfolio days, mock interviews and career fairs – the majority of these from middle and high schools – and we are pleased to participate as often as scheduling allows.

Please contact the recruitment team at or via phone at (734) 647-5798. We typically require a minimum of 30 day’s notice.

What jobs can I apply for while attending high school?

Temporary positions are great for students. You will most commonly see positions in the following areas: Clerical/Secretarial, Food and Patient Nutrition, Environmental Services, Material Services and Adult Patient Sitters (for those 18+ years old).

In your community, other health care related opportunities may exist, such as those in nursing homes (aids and volunteers), community services and senior citizen communities.

For more information on these types of positions, visit

Does the University offer summer employment? How do I apply?

We sure do! During the summer you can find amazing opportunities through Temporary Staffing Services. For more information, visit